Retro Arcade World Championships

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The Vitals

April 27-28, 2019

Free Play Richardson

The Search for the Best Golden Age Gamer in the USA

$5500+ in Cash and Prizes


The Format

The event features eleven tournament games. Each entrant receives 10 credits for qualifying. Each credit lasts until a game over screen or five minutes of game time, whichever happens first. Entrants must submit scores on eight games and the player’s top eight scores will be used for seeding in the final rounds.

After the qualifying round, the top 32 players will be divided into the following divisions: Champion (8 players), Arcade (8 players), and Novice (16 players). The final rounds will be on the main tournament area with five games from the qualifying rounds and players will be bracketed and seeded against one another. Finals games and format format to be announced shortly before the tournament at the venue.

First prize is $2,500.

The Games

Ms. Pacman (Speed)
Marble Madness
Star Wars
Missile Command
Mario Bros.
Wizard of Wor
Crystal Castles


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Retro Competitor Pass $25
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The FAQs

1. What are the division payouts?

Championship League
$5,000 Pot – (1) $2,500, (2) $1,000, (3) $600, (4) $300, (5) $150, (6) $155, (7) $75, (8) $75.

Arcade League
$250 Pot – (1) $125, (2) $75, (3) $50.

Novice League
Gift Cards + Swag – (1) $100 FP Gift Card, (2) $50 FP Gift Card, (3) $25 FP Gift Card.

2. What times will the event run?

Qualifiers begin at 1:00 PM on April 27 and run until completed. Bracket play begins at 1:00 PM on April 28 and runs until completed.

3. Will there be trophies or plaques?

Top three finishers in each division will receive a trophy or plaque commemorating their accomplishments.

4. Is the event spectator friendly?

Yes! We will have the event brodcast locally at the arcade with theater-style viewing of the main stage. Spectators are subject to the standard $10 arcade admission each day and gain access to more than 100 arcade games and pinball machines!

5. Will the event be broadcast on Twitch?

You may follow along with the event at

6. Are alternate games possible in case of catastrophic meltdown of one of the primary games?

Yes. Alternate games will be pulled from the main floor of Free Play Richardson if necessary.

7. What is Free Play Arcade?

The best arcade chain in DFW. Meticulously maintained retro arcade games and pinball machines, 100+ craft beer options, and delicious food. Ten bucks gets you in the door and all of the games are set to free play! We are the hosts, judges, and creators of the tournament series.

8. What are the nearby hotels?

Free Play recommends the Hyatt Regency Richardson for stay during this event.


The Rules

Free Play Spring Series Rules available here.