In 2019, the Jazzy Circuit helped bring 3rd Strike back to the national stage and round two is coming to TEXAS! Free Play Arcade proudly presents the second annual Jazzy Circuit Finale which takes place on June 12-14 at Free Play Arlington. Your ticket to the event includes a three day pass to Free Play Arlington (a $33 value) with unlimited venue access to an arcade that has been routinely called “one of the best ever”!

June 12-14, 2020

Free Play Arlington

5 v 5 Teams + Last Chance Qualifier + Jazzy Finale


Jazzy Circuit Finale weekend kicks off with a 5-v-5 team tournament on Friday followed by a “last chance qualifier” singles tournament on Saturday. This tournament will determine the final four qualifiers for Sunday’s 16-player Jazzy Finale. League details and all other information about the Jazzy Circuit are available at the Jazzy Circuit page. Help the event and contribute to the Matcherino!



[You must purchase the three-day $30 admission to participate in either tournament.]

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Jazzy Circuit Admission - Early Rate (Until May 3) $30
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Jazzy Circuit - Last Chance Tournament Fee $5
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Jazzy Circuit - Team Tournament Fee $5
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