Wide World of Fighting Games

ALERT! The Wide World of Fighting Games, the Indie Age Weekend, Free Play the Golden Age, and the Jazzy Circuit have been postponed due to municipal closure orders. We will update this page and all individual pages once we know the new dates. Once we announced new dates, we will offer refunds for those participants who can no longer attend. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

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April 17-19, 2020

Free Play Arlington

Four Main Events

Four Side Tournaments + Four Bonus Tournaments
Special Arcade + Console Setups


main tourneys


Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

20+ Travel Players with 5 from Japan
Up to $10,000 prize pool!

Tekken 7

I.C.E. CAVE Memorial Tournament

Super Smash Bros. 64

Brought to you by Freaks and Geeks

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

Single Elimination, American Big Blue Cab, All Fun


side tourneys (4/18)


Mario Bros. (Smash Bros. Zero)
Double Elimination, Single Match, All Skill
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late [cl-r]
Latest Version, Played in Red Bull PS4 Cabinet
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes

Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
Dedicated Big Blue, Single Elimination
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Dedicated, PS2 Pad Ports Available
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes

bonus tourneys (4/19)


Mortal Kombat 2
Double Elimination, Fatalities Abound
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes + $100 Bonus

Vampire Savior
Versus City, Darkstalkers For All
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes + $100 Bonus

Primal Rage
Dedicated Cabinet, Single Elimination
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes + $100 Bonus

Death Ball
A Prelude to Indie Weekend
Entry Pot + Swag Prizes + $100 Bonus




Ticket Type Price Cart
Competitor Pass (early - until 3/15) $30
Add to Cart
Super Turbo Entry $5
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Tekken 7 Entry $5
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Smash 64 Entry $5
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Hyper Fighting Entry $5
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You must purchase a competitor pass to enter any main tournament.
All sales final.



1. How does pricing work?

To enter a main tournament, you must purchase a competitor pass and entry to that tournament. You may enter any (or all) of the main tournaments as long as you purchase a competitor pass. Your competitor pass includes admission and unlimited play at Free Play Arlington on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (April 17 – 19), a $30+ value. Side tournaments will require a $5 pot fee with registration available at the venue. Please note, the price of a competitor pass will increase on March 15, 2020 to $40 and passes purchased after April 15, 2020 (until registration closes) will be $50.

2. What is the schedule?

All travel players are encouraged to arrive April 17 for a day of casuals and machine tests. Main event registration ends April 18 at noon and matches begin shortly thereafter. Additional scheduling information to be released as finalized.

3. Are Japanese players attending?

There are currently five confirmed Japanese players with travel provided by Free Play Arcade. The player specifics will be announced as we near the event.

4. What additional features will this event feature?

Numerous additional arcade and console fighting game setups will be on location at Free Play Arlington with the full lineup to be released as finalized. Fighting games on Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, and Playstation 4 will be featured. Free Play Arlington will also have food and drink specials throughout the event.

5. What are the relevant details for the Super Turbo tournament?

Super Turbo will be run on arcade cabinets with Versus Cabs and New Versus Cabs running Sanwa control components on JP-CPS2 hardware (GMX) set to SPEED 3. The tournament is double-elimination with all matches best 3 out of 5. Pools will be run on Saturday until 8 competitors remain. Prize pool for 64-128 registrants is $5,000. Prize pool for 128+ is $10,000.

6. What are the relevant details for the Tekken 7 tournament?

Tekken 7 will be run on the most recent PS4 version with all relevant unlockables unlocked. This tournament is BYOC. Local I.C.E. Cave legend Ryan Champ will be leading the tournament. The tournament is double elimination. 64-player cap.

7. What are the relevant details for the Smash 64 tournament?

Original N64 consoles using 20″ PVM monitors. This tournament is 1v1 and BYOC. The fantastic team from Freaks and Geeks will be assisting with the event. Standard US-SSB 64 ruleset applies. Best 2 out of 3 battles. Four stock with 8 minutes rounds. Items off. First battle is always on Dream Land. The loser of the first battle (and of successive battles) chooses the next stage, and then the winner chooses their character, and then the loser chooses their character. Cargo-stalling is not banned but discouraged. 64-player cap.

8. What are the relevant details for the Hyper Fighting tournament?

Capcom Big Blue cabinet. “USAF” layout, buttons, stick. Best 2 out of 3, single elimination. No whining. 64-player cap.

9. Is the event spectator friendly?

Yes! We will have the event brodcast locally on numerous screens around the arcade with theater-style viewing of the main stage. Spectators are subject to the standard $11 (after tax) arcade admission each day and gain access to more than 140 arcade game, console games, and pinball setups!

10. What are the BYOC rules?

Though we will do our best to assist you, we cannot guarantee that any particular controller or fight stick will work on any particular setup. The consoles used in the tournaments will use stock controller connectors that function under stock conditions. Any fight stick or controller that utilizes a macro, turbo, or function that goes outside the spirit of the game will not be allowed.

11. Will the event be broadcast on Twitch?

You may follow along with the event at twitch.tv/freeplayarcade. A secondary channel will be announced as we near the event.

12. What is Free Play Arcade?

The best arcade chain ever. Meticulously maintained retro arcade games and pinball machines, 100+ craft beer options, and delicious food. Ten bucks gets you in the door and all of the games are set to free play! We are the hosts, judges, and creators of the tournament series.

13. What are the nearby hotels?

Most travel players will be staying at the Hyatt Place. Rather than give you a discount code, we advise you to seek the lowest rate through the various travel websites that play pricing games. Though you will see prices at $130 per night per room, travel sites will often have rates as low as $60 per night per room.

14. Where is Third Strike?

Approximately two months after the WWOFG events, Free Play Arlington will be host to the Jazzy Circuit Finale, the premier Third Strike tournament. Find our more the Official Jazzy Circuit smash.gg and buy tickets at the Jazzy Circuit Finale Site.

15. How many are registered / who is registered for Super Turbo?

Super Turbo Stats

Registration Count: 62
Players Registered:
[updated upon verification]
Silentscope, Thenarus, Jesuszilla, SeanFPA, 8BIT, Kelly Rayper, Turtlepower, Rocks, Boatguy, [not Chris Delp], Kidstylez, Enforcer, Owen_too, D.Owls, RagingStormX, Mike B, Golden Standard, TheMentalLizard, Major, thirdeye11, BColes, SFTMTGWC, Fasty McNasty, KM87, TonyP, ThatHoeOverThere, Andy Ma Comedy, DGK, Otochun, TZW, Tsuji, Gian, Mattsun, OzarShuiShaw, 39s | Kyonmode, Petty James, SpryteMix, uncleyosh, Woo5ah, OzarShuiShaw, 39s | Kyonmode, James Walton, MambaNorris, ThatArchvillan, David Jackson, Nobuo, Sonic Matt, Batman, Pup, S1lv3rSw0rdsM3n, SATCHMO, JerryG, Kim, [HRD] Pablo_the_MEX, KillrMillerTime, QT-1, Jesse James, Joose, Psychochronic
16. How many are registered / who is registered for Tekken 7?

Tekken 7 Stats

Registration Count: 20
Players Registered:
[updated upon verification]
ForcedFeedback, YUKIDO | GoKeN92, Skorge, 8BIT, Sant, EddypistonS, Owen_too, TheMentalLizard, SFTMTGWC, byakko, Blondebomb, Kaeede, GOSPEL, TruBelian, Trojan, GOSPEL, Kaeede, Pup, S1lv3rSw0rdsM3n, JerryG, noobass
17. How many are registered / who is registered for Smash 64?

Smash 64 Stats

Registration Count: 18
Players Registered:
[updated upon verification]
Spiffy, JayR, Gooby, Nackle, CTG, Cell, 8BIT, Jesuszilla, Panda, Owen_too, D.Owls, a Bike Wheel, TheMentalLizard, Fasty McNasty, Petty James, David R., Pup, Joose
18. How many are registered / who is registered for Hyper Fighting?

Hyper Fighting Stats

Registration Count: 34
Players Registered:
[updated upon verification]
Silentscope, Thenarus, SeanFPA, Turtlepower, Rocks, [not Chris Delp], Kidstylez, Enforcer, Owen_too, RagingStormX, Mike B, thirdeye11, BColes, TonyP, ThatHoeOverThere, DGK, Otochun, TZW, Tsuji, Gian, Mattsun, 39s | Kyonmode, Petty James, SpryteMix, Woo5ah, 39s | Kyonmode, Sonic Matt, JerryG, [HRD] Pablo_the_MEX, Psychochronic




Free Play Spring Series Rules available here.